Friday, December 25, 2009

christmas joy

I can't believe Christmas is really here. It feels like I was just out doing my black Friday shopping...yesterday. The boys did not come into our room until 7:30 am. Yes, you read that right...7:30 am. This is a first for our early birds. Tanner & Carter are usually up when the sun begins to rise. At 7:30, the boys came into our room & jumped on our bed. John went out to the living room to make sure Santa had actually come. While he was looking for evidence of Santa, the boys lined up, youngest to smallest. I have apologized to Tanner several times. I was the oldest & know how it feels to be last in line Christmas morning :-).

The boys were thrilled to hear & see that Santa had indeed found our home on Christmas Eve.

My favorite part of Christmas morning is that first minute after the boys have walked into the living room. John is armed with the video camera, I have my camera & the boys run to their Santa stash! I love to hear the "No way, look what Santa brought me"! "This is exactly what I wanted"! I love to hear the excitement in their voices.

Tanner received the cell phone he has had his eye on all year. Before you pass judgemnet on us, as parents, strict rules were attatched to that gift :-). He got the soft air gun & goggles too! Love this photo of Tanner ripping into the box once he discovered that his phone was inside.

Carter received a RED digital camera & the air soft gun & goggles too.

Garrett received the Razor trike. Have you seen this? The back two wheels are caster wheels. It does not have brakes & when you turn, you spin. It was the ONE gift he constantly asked for from Santa.

Mr. Brody received his "scooter-ed" & ipod(MP3). He was in heaven!

We headed to the Bay Area for Chrismtas dinner. It would not be Christmas without visiting with my family or devouring Mom & Dad's home cooking. My Dad made the best prime Rib & Mom completed the meal with her homemade Crescent rolls, cheesey potatos, green salad, & jello salad. The drive takes its toll (5-6 hours, round trip, in one day)but is so worth it when we watch our boys play & laugh with their cousins.

From our family to yours, we hope your Chrismtas was the merriest yet!
p.s. I have already scrapped these photos from Christmas morning. Stay tuned, I will post the layout tomorrow:-).


My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

what a wonderful christmas day. Thanks for sharing.

Laurie said...

So cute! So fun! No judgement. Jacob uses a spare phone we have and it makes MY life so much easier!