Saturday, April 3, 2010

what we love about Spring

Spring is so refreshing. So many wonderful things popping up in the world around us!
Here are a few of our favorite things about this Spring and Easter.

1). My red tulips that have popped up in the yard. I planted them 3 years ago & they come back every spring. They make me happy.

2). We planted this tree about 3 years ago too. It continues to grow and changes with the seasons. This is what spring brings. The blossoms drive John's allergies crazy but it is so pretty to look at.

3). Park days. Once the suns begins to peek behind the clouds, the boys know park days are ahead.

4). With Spring comes Little League baseball. I don't think this would have made a spring happy list last year. Brody & Garrett were all over the place. This Spring, Garrett has a chance to play & Brody actually watches all of boys games.

We love cheering on our favorite gum chewing, players.

5). Our house getting egged. You didn't see that one coming, did you?

The boys loved waking up to this note and plastic eggs (that had been filled with candy) all over our front porch and on the grass. We made sure to return the fun to a few friends and neighbors. Thanks to whom ever egged us :-).

6). The annual egg hunt with friends at church. The weather was windy and stormy yesterday so the egg hunt was inside. The kids still had a blast and scored in the plastic egg department.

7). Coloring Easter Eggs as a family. Brody was the one who was the most excited this year. He took egg dying so seriously. We had to laugh when he pulled the 1st egg out and then attempted to drink the cup of dye.

8). The colors that remind us of all things Spring.

9). Swinging on the porch swing with a fun friend.

What is making you happy this Spring?


Laurie said...

Being Egged is so cute! What a fun idea to do a hunt for the kids with your have the wheels in my brain rolling for next year!

Meridee said...

We have an egg hunt with friends and family every year. When they've gathered all of there hard and plastic eggs, we play a few games with the hard boiled eggs. It is a lot of fun.

Annie said...

being egged us super cute! at the moment we are having a blizzard outside, so spring is far from my mind! i love the extra light in the evenings. makes opportunities endless! enjoy the warmth:)