Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday, John Boy

Wishing my fabulous hubby a special Happy Birthday today!
We aren't going to mention how old he turns today but we will say that he is still a Spring chicken in our book :-).

We want John boy to know just how much we love him...not only today, but every day.

- He is our world, our rock...our everything.
- We are his biggest fans...can't imagine our world without him.
- He supports us in all we do. Whether it is year around sports, goals, schooling, dreams, obsessive hobbies and music loves, or when trying to maintain a perfect house. He supports us with a smile on his face.
- He works so hard, on a daily basis to provide for us. I love that he supports and has the same feelings as I do about being a Stay At Home Mom.
- He has the best sense of humor (hence, the above photo).
- He knows how to roll with the punches. You kinda have to with our crazy schedule.
- He is a wonderful Daddy to our boys. As I've said before, he has rock star status at our house. He walks in the door after a long day at work and the crowd goes wild.
- He is my best friend and has filled that role since the day we met.

We are thankful for all he does & the man that he is. We love you, John boy!
As we celebrate John's birthday today, please help us wish him a happy birthday!


Anonymous said...

I can't feel anymore loved as I do today! This is awesome! I love you and thank you for the great support.

John (your best friend and you're mine)

mer said...

happy birthday john! hope your day is wonderful!!!

raimi... by obsessive hobbies do you mean john mayer? haha! kidding :) have a beautiful day!

Stephanie said...

Happy Birthday!!! Hope it's a great one!!!

Unknown said...

We wish you a happy birthday - Hope you have fun celebrating! Camie and Steve

Debby said...

Happy Birthday John! What a great post. Hope your family has a special day!

Kerrie said...

Happy Birthday John!

Laurie said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Meridee said...

Happy Birthday john boy dear. You are such a good person. Im glad Raim has such a great guy. Have a good one!

lorelie said...

I'm a day late, but I send a great big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you John! You are wonderful guy and I'm so glad that Raimi has you as her best friend. You guys are perfect together!