Tuesday, April 27, 2010

making me happy

it's time for another favorite things post.
Here are a few things that are making my list, making me happy and making me smile this week.

1). New lotion from Bath & Body Works.
The Summer Vanillas, the Lemon Vanilla to be exact. It smells so good. Very light and refreshing.

The re-release of Toy Story 1 & 2. Tanner was totally into Toy Story when he was two. We had the VHS videos and he wore them out. I had not been able to find the DVD's at any of the local stores. I was so excited when Disney released them from the vault. Brody is loving them. I love how excited he gets when we turn them on. He is still walking around quoting the movies...so fun!

3). My John Mayer CD's. It wouldn't be a complete day without listening to at least one. My favorite album this week is the Where the Light Is. Two discs, all of the songs were recorded LIVE. His music makes me happy!

4). I love getting happy pieces of mail. This magazine actually came last week but I am enjoying it this week. A few years back I would devour my magazines the instant they came. Chores would be put on hold, errands would cease and I would read it from back to front as soon as I received it. With the Internet at our finger tips, I haven't felt the need/urge to read my scrapbook magazines right away. I still love receiving them and even more so now that Creating Keepsakes is now released every other month.

5). I am still couponing and scoring some major deals. I am getting things for free. In the last two weeks I have picked up cleaning supplies, shampoo, toothpaste,tampons, razors, sunscreen, dish soap and sponges for free. It totally makes me happy.

6). This silly boy makes me laugh. Each night when we tuck him into bed, we can count on him asking for his blankie, a sippy cup with water, Woody and Buzz. Just as much as we can count on those items, we can count on tucking a few more things in with him. This is what he wanted a few nights back. He had a paintball helmet, Shin guards that he wore to bed and a teddy bear, all in addition to the above mentioned items. What a silly boy.

7). Our family finished reading the Book of Mormon this week. We have been reading it for the last 239 days. After accepting a challenge from the Young Women in our ward to read it with them, we read a chapter a day as a family. To be honest, some days we had to read more chapters to catch up if we had missed a day or two. Trust me, this was not an easy task with littles who can't sit still. I am happy to report that we finished it on Sunday night, right on time. I am thankful for the Book of Mormon and the spirit I feel when I read it. I know with out a doubt that is is true.

8). I love this wall art. It makes me happy. I am thinking I need to re-create it in my own home. I will keep you posted :-).

What is making you happy this week? I would love to know!


Denise Z. said...

Puppies are making me very happy! Six little 3 week old Lab puppies who just opened their eyes and have the sweetest little puppy breath!

brandigirl said...

the warm sun...even if it is only a few days this week...it makes me happy.

Raejean said...

I love this post! I might have to use the idea on my blog :)

Laurie said...

My MIL gave us a good tip last time we finished the Book of Mormon. Record the date on that last white page, and watch over the years how many dates get written in there.

Good job to your family!

Annie said...

yoga. i'm finally back to it after a 4 month hiatus. i missed it immensely. home cooked meals. and the start of a remodel project that may take months, but that's ok.

funkymom said...

Yum on the Lemon Vanilla!
Two of the best scents/flavors ever!

Danny & Stephanie said...

I love to hear my children laughing, it is impossible to not be happy when you hear that.

Meridee said...

Your sweet posts and positive attitude make me happy!