Friday, April 30, 2010

April by the numbers

Another fun month...lots of wonderful thing to be grateful for.

zero - diet cokes consumed by me {still so proud of myself}
one - mile walked {in pink shoes} by Brody in support of the Walk a Mile in Her Shoes event for the Rape Crisis Center.
two - books read by me (Change of Heart and The Collectors).
three - contests won (free family photo shoot, John Mayer tickets, and free name graphics from was a lucky month}.
four - new pairs of shoes were purchased.
five - fleece blankets tied for the Binky Patrol = 5 free tickets to Disneyland.
seven - the # of times Carter got sick during the night.
nine games won by the Yankees(T & C's team} so far{they just lost their 1st game this month}.
ten - blog posts for the month.
fourteen - free bottles of Windex {actually made $14.00 on this deal}
fifteen - miles were walked /jogged by me. I am back on track.(these miles were logged in just the last week)
sixteen - days until my baby turns 3 years old.
twenty one - Little League games/practices for the boys this month.
thirty six - Easter eggs were boiled and colored.
forty - kindergarten scrapbook pages created.
forty two - the # of birthday candles John blew out on his birthday cake this month.
two hundred and thirty nine - pages completed our Book of Mormon challenge.


My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

thats so great that you do this by the numbers

lorelie said...

I love this breakdown! You continue to be wonderful, Raimi Krupp!

brandi said...

you go girl on the 15 miles...that is great!!!
i think this break down is cute.

erin said...

I love these posts. 15 miles- woohoo (and w/o d.coke)! :)

katie said...

I still can't believe the diet coke thing. Believe it or not since I got strep last month, my desire for the good stuff has decreased like you wouldn't believe. It's amazing.
I too love this post!