Wednesday, January 13, 2010

my world...this week

- i am enjoying a new book from the library. i am reading princess academy by shannon hale.

- i feel so frugal & "green" every time i check a book out form the library. i love that.

- i have decided that sundays are perfect for church & a good, long nap.

- i am tired of this nasty cold. i feel miserable today.

- our family has had dinner at home every night since the start of the new year. this is huge considering how much time we spend in the car going from one sporting event/practice to the next. we are pretty proud of ourselves.

i have not had a cold in like, two years.

- praying that this cold will get the clue & disappear. i don't have time for this.

- i really enjoyed helping in tanner & carters' classrooms today, despite feeling miserable.

- i feel like I have been bathing in purell.

- currently caught up on my {project life} photos. i know i am only one week into this project...i am still proud of myself :-).

wondering why people think they can be so rude sometimes?

- i have scrapbooked 5 layouts since the start of the new year...hooray.

- 3 of those layouts were for my oct.-nov. even bigger hooray in my book.

still haven't had a diet coke. that is 13 days w/out one. now that is a HUGE hooray.

- brody got a new haircut. he looks cute. if you ask him to show you that new hair cut, he bows his head & then pats the top of his head. so stinkin' cute.

- i am so happy for tanner & his soccer team. they won all of their games last weekend & are headed to the championships this coming weekend.

- my house is very quiet right now. john has all the boys & is delivering(or picking up) them to their various activities (soccer practice, bb practice, scouts).

- can i just say that i love my husband!

- i guess that is one thing a cold is good for, it got me out of chauffeuring the boys all over town tonight :-).

dinner is in the crock pot, waiting for all of the boys to get back home. White chicken chili with cheese sprinkled on top. mmmmmmmmm good.

- i am looking forward to scrapbooking with the girls on friday night.

- you know i am sick when the laundry is piling up & i really don't care.

just another week in the life of raimi. i wouldn't have it any other way. okay, maybe the cold situation could be different!


Anonymous said...

Oh Raimi--sorry you are sick. No fun and all and the chores just pile up. My world this week: the cold weather really makes my leg pain so much worse. I am going to Carmel for a long weekend. Reading and napping under down comforter to make my legs hurt less. Don't you just hate the rudeness in the world? People see me coming, stuggling to walk with my cane and cannot hold the door for me or worse yet let it slam on me! Tony made homemade mac and cheese this week. Can I say that I love my husband too!!:)

Love You Bunches!

Anonymous said...

You are awesome! I am so proud of what you are doing right now. No soda! I am grateful for my wife as well. I love her so much. Get better soon.


Annie said...

dinner at home every night? man i thought i was doing great at 3 nights in a row!!!

get feeling better, diet coke won't help:)!

My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

sounds busy and congrats on the not drinking the diet coke and having dinner at home.Hope that you feel better.

katie said...

I think you're great. Eating at home most nights isn't hard for us but the no diet coke thing....I HAVE to draw the line somewhere!
Hope you're having fun scrapping. I'm just counting the minutes til Mike walks in the door so that I can leave and go to dinner with some of my favorite girlfriends. LOVE our great hubby's!

erin said...

I'm so sorry you are sick. I hate those nasty colds that hang on forever. Congrats on the dinner at home thing. That is huge & so inspiring to me. Also, congrats on the no DC thing. That is also huge. I have now gone 3 1/2 years w/o coke/d coke. there was a time when I couldn't imagine myself as a non-drinker, but I feel so much better (and after a month I really quit craving them and now I hardly think about them at all). They still sound great, & I will still tell you Coke is my favorite drink, but I really don't notice or miss it now! Good luck you crazy girl. I don't advocate against soda, I just personally had a huge problem with it! :)