Saturday, January 9, 2010


i totally believe in this. i'm sending out a challenge to all who read my blog. find a stranger(or someone you know) today & do something nice/simple to brighten their day!
it can be anything...small or big!
p.s. if you take on the challenge, leave a comment & share your random kindness.


Debby said...

LOVE this, Raimi! I have made a point to do this daily. When I'm out and about at the grocery store, at the drive-thru, at the bank, wherever...and people say (like a script), "Hello, how are you?"...I kindly reply...BUT, then I be sure to ask them, "How are you, today?". I've been surprised at how many people I surprise or catch off guard, to be taking the time to ask THEM how they are. It usually puts a smile on their face! ;-)

Meridee said...

I think I'm going to brighten your Grandma's life by sending an early Christmas card. I'll email you for the address.