Saturday, January 2, 2010

2010 word...remember

I have always loved this fun idea(see below). Each year, January 1st rolls around & I instantly forget to pick my word. Not this year, I am on board & ready to focus.

Taken right from Ali Edwards blog(her words (in red), not mine)

Back in January 2007, as a way to celebrate these beginnings, I started a public tradition of choosing a single word to focus on over the course of the year.

Many of you are familiar with this tradition and have been joining me in selecting a new word each year. If this is your first time reading about the idea of one little word I recommend taking a few minutes to read my original post here.

Here's a look at my words from the past three years with links to the original posts.

2007 : Peace [ read my post for 2007 ]
2008 : Vitality [ read my post for 2008 ]
2009 : Nurture [ read my post for 2009 ]

Essentially the idea is to choose a word (or let it choose you) that has the potential to make an impact on your life.

Maybe you want to invite something or maybe you are hoping to subtract something. Maybe your word will be practical or hopeful or creative or fanciful. Maybe you need a big word, something in-your-face that will challenge you everyday. Maybe you need something smaller and quieter that will whisper gentle tidings as you make your way throughout the year.

Whatever word you end up with, make sure it is your word (not your sister's, mom's, partner's, child's, etc). You can share it publicly or keep it close to your heart.

So the week before Christmas, I really began to ponder what my word for the year would be. After much consideration, I chose the word:


This is how the dictionary defines REMEMBER:

Main Entry: re·mem·ber
Pronunciation: \ri-ˈmem-bər\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): re·mem·bered; re·mem·ber·ing \-b(ə-)riŋ\
Etymology: Middle English remembren, from Anglo-French remembrer, from Late Latin rememorari, from Latin re- + Late Latin memorari to be mindful of, from Latin memor mindful — more at memory
Date: 14th century
transitive verb
1 : to bring to mind or think of again
2 archaic a : bethink 1b b : remind
3 a : to keep in mind for attention or consideration b : reward
4 : to retain in the memory
5 : to convey greetings from
6 : record, commemorate

AS I make my way through 2010, I am really looking forward to focusing on taking the time to REMEMBER what I am thankful for. To REMEMBER all of the things I have been blessed with on a daily basis. Along the way, I will take time to REMEMBER the fond memories I have gathered over the last several years.

I think this word for the year challenge is such a fun concept. Please let me know if you join in on Ali's challenge.


Tami said...

Hey Raimi!
My word for the year is MOVEMENT!
I signed up for triathlon training that starts this week and will be participating in a triathlon in June!!!
Miss you.

Amy said...

I love this Raimi! You have made me really think about what I would choose. I am going to pick something and let you know. I love your word. Thanks for such a great idea!

Anonymous said...

I love the whole "single word" idea and giving yourself such an easy and simple way to take even the smallest steps toward improving and enriching your life as the new year enfolds. My single word for 2010 is 'Simplify". Life can be so hechtic and challenging when managing families and all that that entails...So, I will choose to simplify whenever and wherever possible! Thanks for a fabulous idea! ~Amber

Raejean said...

My word is progress. What a fun idea. I posted it on my blog too. It's interesting to see what everyone is focusing on this year!