Monday, January 18, 2010

league champs

team valor took the league champ title this year. they had an awesome season. they had 26 wins. 3 ties. 4 losses. this was an interesting year for tanner. he played up a level, making him one of the youngest boys on the u-12 team(as a 10 year old). it was a big accomplishment for him & he worked hard for that spot on the team. we are so proud of him & his entire team. the team also played in the association cup tournament. they made it through the first weekend but sadly lost this last saturday.

p.s. i wish i could say that soccer is over for the season...but we still have tanner & carter playing on indoor season lives on at our house.


Laurie said...

Where do your boys play indoor soccer at? Jonah really wanted to play but we could not find a league that did not play on Sunday.

Kerrie said...

Our championship game was supposed to be this weekend, but has already been cancelled due to weather. So the season that was supposed to end in November still goes on. I love it!