Sunday, September 27, 2009

American Saturday night....

Brad Paisley style.

I had the chance to attend the Brad Paisley concert on Saturday night with girlfriends(GNO). The show was AMAZING from start to finish. Brad was awesome, he totally rocked the stage. I have heard his music before & liked it. Now that I have seen him, live in concert...I am a fan & am enjoying all of his music.

Jimmy Wayne(never heard of him until the concert) & Dierks Bentley(love, love, love Dierks) opened the show for him.

The music was great, the evening weather was perfect( after a HOT day), & these girls were so much fun to chat, sing & dance with.

Who should we see next?
p.s. Huge thanks to Amy & Jen for sharing their concert pics. with me.


Annie said...

i'm pretty sure dan wouldn't be caught dead at any country concert with me. then again, don't think i would go to pink floyd or wierd al...looks like a great time!

Jen said...

That was so fun and a treat to visit with you!

katie said...

Sounds fabulous!