Sunday, September 13, 2009

just be bloggled

Have you ever worried about loosing your blog entries? I'll admit it...the "what ifs" have crossed my mind a time or two. Our family blog has become my journal. I have been able to record the comings & the goings of our family. I have recorded the ups, the downs & all of the in betweens. I would be absolutely devastated if I ever lost my blog entries.

I ran across the Bloggled site over on the LEELOU blogs site. For a small monthly fee, Bloggled will back up your blog entries, comments, & even your Tweets if you use Twitter. If you head over to their site right now,you can check out their services for a 30 day trial. If you decide you want to continue to back up your blog entries, you can use the code LEELOU for a 40 percent discount(for life)off of the monthly fee. I received permission from the designer/owner of the LEELOU blog site to share this discount code with you, on my blog. They are also in the process of working on a service that will print your entries into a book. I can't wait to try that.What are you waiting for, back up your life now :-).

p.s. I am not being paid to type this. I just feel like it is important enough to share. Check out the Bloggled site now.


Kathy and Jerry said...

There is currently a company that turns blogs into books. There are a couple of women in Kerrie's ward who do it. I've seen their books and they're beautiful. They take the year and have it copied and bound into a leather book with the year stamped on it. I don't have the info but Kerrie does.