Friday, September 25, 2009

You know it's been super busy if there hasn't been a blog post in ONE whole week. Even though we have been in school for 6 weeks, I am finally feeling like we are BACK in school. The homework is piling up, book reports are waiting to be completed, All About Me posters have been decorated & filled out. I'm helping in all 3 classrooms this year. I volunteered to be the art docent in two of the classrooms. Add in soccer training four nights a week, piano lessons, scouts twice a week, etc... It is crazy. I am falling into to bed each night, physically exhausted & mentally drained. Please don't take this the wrong way, I am not complaining...just feeling it this week. Did I mention that my 2 year is all of sudden behaving like a two year old. He has been 2 since May & just this week decided to take on the terrible two syndrome. I am pretty sure the people at Costco thought I was kidnapping him as he was screaming NO at the top of his lungs as I was hurrying to get him out of the store. Parenting in all its glory.

Here is our week,week in review style:

Friday, September 18th am

Tanner received the Coyote of the Month award. His teacher had some really nice things to say about Tanner. He makes us super proud.

Friday, September 18th pm

{self portrait, not my favorite & a crumby angle in the is what it is}.
John & I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary a little early. We went to the movies(All about Steve-cute with a good message) & dinner @ CPK.

Saturday, September 19th
Soccer Saturday...3 games in the heat! Tanner tied, Carter won, & Garrett lost by one goal. We enjoy watching them play.

Sunday, September 20th
our actual anniversary. It was very uneventful. We went to church & I got to wrestle the alligator in the foyer. I'm just saying that the terrible two thing & church don't mix right now! Sorry, no photos! Not an hour of my life that I want to remember -LOL.

Monday, September 21st

I walked the boys too school & then went for a power walk with my friend, Camie. I got home from our walk & decided to pull weeds & trim the bushes since I was already stinky & sweaty. After some yard work, i end up with tiny puncture wound & lots of pain...wasn't sure if I had been bit by something or if I had a dried reed stuck in my finger. it hurt (and still does) bad.

Tuesday Sept. 22My finger is still throbbing at this point. I tried a salt paste to help extract whatever is still stuck in my finger, lots of peroxide. Nothing is helping or doing the trick.

Wednesday, September 23rd
My Mom came up for a visit. It was seriously exactly what I needed this week. We went to lunch with John & the boys. Then my Mom & I up hit Green Tangerines & the Mall. She was successful in the shopping department, I didn't find anything to buy. Shocking, I know!!!! I loved having her here to chat with & just be. I think she played more rounds of hide & seek in one visit that she has in her entire life. Garrett & Brody loved how willing she was to hide & seek with them. She hid in the hall closet, under the high chair, next to the piano. It was fun to watch! We hope she comes again, real soon.

Thursday, September 24th
A new kit of the week was released at Green Tangerines this week. Perfect for your Disney photos. There is room for 7 photos on this layout! I had fun creating this one. As always, you can call to store at 916-771-8010 to order yours.

In other Thursday news, I spent the morning & part of the afternoon at my Dr.'s office. Went to have him take, whatever is in my thumb out. After 20 minutes of digging(with a not fully numbed thumb-say that 20 times -LOL) he didn't find anything. I did leave his office with a flu shot & a tetanus shot...good times for sure. I am hoping all of the digging moved things around so that whatever is in there, will come out on its own. I am just happy that it was not a spider bite. I have decided that I will be excused from any other future yard work :-).

Friday, Sept. 25th

There was no school for the boys today. It was a teacher in service day...not my favorite, "lets miss school" kind of holiday. I did sneak away for a bit to deliver a little bit of happiness to a friend who is celebrating a birthday on Monday.
Happy birthday, Mer. I hope your day is fabulous!
p.s. have you been to this cute little cupcake fun & cute!

Gearing up for soccer Saturday tomorrow & looking forward to a GNO concert...I can't wait! Have a super weekend, friends!


Raejean said...

Here's to hoping next week is less overwhelming, Raimi! It's amazing how gradually life builds up, then you realize you're running all day long and still don't have enough energy the next day. Mom's seem to offer a better sense of balance :)

kathy said...

I have no idea how you do what you do - but you are your mother's daughter.

lorelie said...

You are amazing...and as thoughtful as ever. Hope your finger gets better

Julie said...

i understand being busy ...I'll have to check out that cupcake boutique...Happy Anniversary to the both of you.

Debby said...

Oh Raimi...I feel your pain (not in your thumb), but the overwhelming busyness of being a wife, mom, friend, etc. etc. etc. It is a grand balancing act we do each day. I sure hope you treated yourself to one of those scrumptious looking cupcakes from the boutique. I need to check that out next time I'm in town. Take care of YOU, and I hope your week ahead is richly blessed by peacefulness. Love, Deb

annie said...

you are amazing! i'm sure you wouldn't have it any other way though. you have a great family!

mer said...

thanks for making my day extra special! :)