Sunday, March 9, 2008

Randomness (from our weekend)!

I love porta cribs. Mr. Brody likes to watch the boys play out front. John's solution was to get the porta crib out. We can keep him out of the sun & he can watch the action @ the same time. He will wave & clap for the boys. It is very sweet.

Baseball Season has started & I'm already dreading it! Don't get me wrong, I grew up in baseball playing/watching family. We have baseball season times 2 this spring. John was gone from 10 am to 3 pm with the older boys @ the ball field. They had practice games. It is going to be a long season. Wish me luck!

Brody took 3 steps on his own on Saturday. He has been standing alone for about 30 seconds @ a time.
Garrett gave his very first talk in Primary. He was just proud to hold his new scriptures during his talk & was happy to smile & giggle.

It was great to see this sight. Our boys & some of the neighbors were having a great time playing out front. They lined up like this all by themselves & were getting ready to pick baseball teams. The older boys were so great about helping the younger ones hit the ball.

I swear we are raising the next evil kan-evil (sp?). That is Garrett jumping off of our neighbors ramps. The scary thing is that he landed every jump

We have a Mama bird in a nest in one of the trees in our front yard. She has been there for a few days. John & I joke all the time that that poor Mama must regret her choice of trees. The boys love to play our front. They run around, ride scooters, skateboard, ride their pocket bike, & the fact that they are just loud. We can't wait for her babies to be born. We have warned the boys of how important it is to stay away from the tree.

Tanner found out tonight that he made the select soccer team! He is so excited & we are so proud of him. At the end of the last try out, one of the select coaches asked Tanner if he would be willing to play defense on his A team(they have a B team too!). Tanner has always played up front as a striker. Tanner's response to the coach was "Sure". When the coach called tonight to offer Tanner a spot on his team,he made it a point to tell John that Tanner is highly skilled & will/can play all positions. Then he told John that the question he asked Tanner about playing defense was a question to test Tanner. Tanner's "yes" response to playing defense proved to the coach that Tanner was willing to be a team player. Way to GOOOOO Tanner, we are so excited for you.
-The boys are out of school for two weeks due to Spring Break! Wish me luck! I just hope they ALL sleep in tomorrow morning.
-I am really enjoying the new show, HERE COME THE NEWLYWEDS! It is very funny & sweet!

We hope you enjoyed the sunshine this weekend & remembered the'll have to ask John about that one. If you saw Garrett today, you know what I'm talking about. Have a great week!


Stephanie said...

Way to go, Tanner!! You definitely showed great character. And, yes, I noticed how scorched Garrett was yesterday. Poor kid! He did a great job with his talk.

Laurie, the girls & Scott said...

I think Mama Bird chose your tree so she'll be ready for her baby boy birds!

katie said...

Sunscreen? Already? Our high today is going to be 55. I love it. I love your random posts.

Lisa said...

I typed a huge comment earlier, I guess it didn't go thru. I'll try again.
We had a mama bird a few years ago and layed an egg on our column out front. It is a small ledge. When she layed the egg it rolled off and cracked on the ground. We were all so sad for her. I hope yours makes it.
Great job Tanner!!! Good luck to all of you.
B was so amazed to see G riding his 2 wheeler at the park, she went home and was determined. She's getting close.
I can't believe it, he's going on ramps!! Wow!!

TheVasquez3 said...

YAY for randomness! this was such a fun post to love love the pics!! we are also really enjoying Here Come the Newlyweds. we are convinced we would totally ROCK that show!!

Anonymous said...
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Danny said...

That is awesome for Tanner! He is such a great kid! He was playing with Lindsey and Jacob at the park last Saturday, they were totally entertained. I think Lindsey found the new love of her life! (She constantly talks about getting married and this week it is Tanner)

Meridee said...

Awesome job Tanner! You will do great.

Molnar Adriana said...

We can bee happy if just we look around...there is planty of beautiful things wich makes us happy...just open your eyes and look for simple things...that is the key!!!

Molnar Adriana said...
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Molnar Adriana said...
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Molnar Adriana said...
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