Saturday, March 22, 2008


Carter filled his 8 egg quota @ the ward egg hunt in no time!
The Primary children enjoying the bubbles.

Brothers! Do you think they look alike? We are often asked if they are twins! John & I don't see it!

Garrett showing Mommy what he scored!

Dad getting ready to color eggs!

We sat Brody in his Bumbo chair @ the table. He went right for the eggs & was so proud of himself for snatching one before we could catch him.

Our finished products! We had a great time coloring our eggs. The boys actually had patience to wait for the colors to take :).
***I am too tired to fiddle with my blog tonight. The pictures should have followed my blog entry!

I have been up since 5 am. The rest of my family has been up since 6 am & we have seriously not stopped all day long. I was in charge of the ward Easter Egg Hunt/breakfast this year. We enjoyed breakfast, an egg hunt, bubbles & all sorts of games for the children (thanks Jamie, she rocked the games). All of the fun started @ 8am!! What was I thinking??? Then from the egg hunt, we headed to a friends birthday party. We enjoyed all sorts of bounce houses, pizza & cake. From that party, we headed over to the church for Susie's baptism. She looked so sweet in her white dress. After the baptism, we enjoyed dinner with the Sugdens. Once we returned home, I started to boil the eggs & then got all of the egg colors ready. I am happy to report that our eggs have been dyed & it is not even 10 pm. We have dyed them that late in years past.
John & I are so exhausted that we are ready to head to bed. We better hurry before the BIG BUNNY stops @ our house . Happy Easter & may the Big Bunny find his way to your home tonight!


TheVasquez3 said...

So. Much. Fun.

Jordan was not interested in coloring eggs this year...boooo. oh well. looks like you guys had a great time. love the pics of the ward party...especially the bubbles!! i love love love bubbles!

Annie said...

WOW! I'm tired reading about your day! But, what fun! I also love your alphabet list, good idea. I'm with you on the Monday thing. I enjoy my routine! Happy Easter!!

Stephanie said...

What an awesome day! I'm sad we missed the Ward event, but it sounds like things went well. Happy Easter!!!

katie said...

It has been a very busy weekend here too. I think I've just about eaten all of the good chocolate...time for bed.

Jordan, Annie & Allie said...

Sounds super busy and super fun. I love busy days!!!

Kerrie said...

Sounds like a great activity! happy easter!