Friday, March 7, 2008

Dr. Seuss Report

Any of you who have a school age children probably know(or maybe you are just a fan) that Dr. Seuss' birthday was this week. Carter's teacher made a big to do out of it. We started the week off by going on a field trip to our new library in town with Carter's class. She has also had fun activities all week long to celebrate Dr. Seuss & his books. Carter had to turn in a report on Dr. Seuss today. He was able to pick ANY (except Green eggs & Ham-they read it in class together) Dr. Seuss book, write about it & then we had to create a diorama. Carter chose the Sleep Book by Dr. Seuss. He received a 25/25 & his teacher said it was one of the best reports. Carter was so proud. He even reminded me this morning to take pictures for the blog.
Since Carter's birthday is next week & Spring Break started today as of 2:35 pm, he was able to take doughnuts into class to share with his classmates. He was up @ 6:15 this morning, showered, dressed, & ready for the day. He wanted to go to the doughnut shop with Dad. I think he was afraid that John would forget if he wasn't up & ready. It was a great day for Carter.
P.S. Did you catch our spelling error? Good thing we caught it after pictures :).
Happy Friday!


Anonymous said...
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katie said...

Dr. Seuss Day is big here too. Erin's school was serving green eggs with ham for lunch. She'd have nothing to do with it and wanted home lunch. Funny girl.

Keri and Corey said...

Very cute! It is so weird, halli and Ethans school did not really celebrate Dr seuss. But the reprt lookds super cool. you guys did a great job

Stephanie said...

What a great diaramma! Carter is so cute.

TheVasquez3 said...

AWESOME! he did such a great job...i am seriously impressed! he is sooo cute too!