Friday, October 26, 2012

Each month, our elementary school hosts an awards assembly. Each month, the entire student body, along with the teachers, focus on one of those character traits. This months character trait is CARING.

I am so proud of Garrett and Brody for earning that award this month. Their teachers had wonderful things to  say about them and their behavior towards their fellow peers.

Here is Garrett receiving his award from Mrs. DeCuir. She said, " This young man enters the classroom each day with a smile on his face. No matter which group I may assign him to in class, he works cheerfully with every member of the group. He is quick to volunteer to help his teacher with any task which needs to be done." Way to go, Garrett. We are proud of his caring ways.

This is Brody receiving his award from Ms. Lunn. She went on and on about Brody and the ways he shows cares. One of the things she said was "He shows he is caring by being considerate of others peoples feelings. He sets a wonderful example and is a pleasure to hve in our class." Again, we are so proud of Brody!

We are so thankful for the wonderful teachers who spend a good chunk of our children's day with them. We are very thankful for their caring spirits and for all that they do to make school a fun and enriching place to be!