Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween 2012

My Facebook post tonight read something like this:

6 carved pumpkins. check.
Cheese fondue with all the fixings (tradition). check.
Homemade Wassil(cider) (tradition). check.
Sugar cookies demolished. check.
4 caramel-chocolate covered apples delivered to us from our neighbors(tradition). check.
Loaded candy bowl. check.
Lots of photos snapped. check.
4 excited boys and friends all dressed up, ready to roll. check.

We enjoyed several of our yearly traditions tonight! I tried to replace the fondue with a yummy White Bean Chicken Chili. The boys revolted and said we needed to stick with traditions :-). Fondue it was. As soon as it got dark, we met up with friends in the front yard and they were off. Tanner was Buster Posey this year. Carter was an Olympic Soccer player. Garrett was a dirt bike rider and Brody was Luigi. I stayed home to pass out the treats while John and our friends walked the neighborhood with the boys. Brody lasted about an hour and then wanted to come home to help me pass out the candy.  The boys had just enough time out, running from door to door before the skies opened and dumped a good amount of rain. Here are a few of my photos from this evening!
Happy Halloween!!!