Sunday, October 28, 2012


We have loved watching our San Francisco Giants play through out the regular 2012 season. We have loved watching them play through out  the NLCS playoffs. So much so, that Tanner was bummed that I made him actually go to school during the final game-haha. Feeling bad about him missing the game, I sat in front of the TV(something I never do) and watched the entire game and texted him the play by play innings for him to check on his lunch break :-).Lets just say that my visit to the DMV  and watching the entire game led to a very unproductive day for this Mama. The Giants won and Buster Posey hit a grand slam. We were so excited when that game moved them onto the World Series.

Tonight was the BIG game, possibly the WIN for the team and another World Series title if they won the 4th game. They did it !!! They Won!!! They swept the Tigers. It was so exciting and so fun to watch them do their thing. This is what our family room looked like as Romo threw that final, winning pitch.

We are so proud of the 2012 San Francisco Giants. Thanks for an another awesome season and keeping the dream alive!