Monday, January 3, 2011

this is what 12 looks like

Our baby, our first born turned 12 today. Where in the world have the years gone? We blinked and here we are. Here are 12 random facts/tidbits about Tanner.

1. He was actually due on December 25th, 1998. He didn't arrive until Jan. 3, 1999. In hind sight, we are glad he wasn't born on Christmas Day.

2. When Tanner was a baby/toddler, his nickname was Tanner-bug.

3. Tanner has an amazing ability to memorize things.

4. Tanner loves music. His Itouch is loaded with his favorite tunes. I love that we have that in common.

5. Tanner is passionate about things he his interested in. Gives it his all.

6. The Harry Potter books were his all time favorite books ever written...until he read the Hunger Game Series. He has started to re-read them.

7. Tanner is a sports fanatic. He loves soccer, basketball and baseball. He even learned to like Cross Country.

8. Tanner is a very loyal friend and always sticks up for his friends.

9. Tanner is funny. He has always had a laugh that we love. We love when he giggles himself silly!

10. Tanner's favorite treat is a milkshake from Cold Stone.

11. Tanner is forever trying to get us to do Chinese Fire drills at each stop light while were out and about (listening to Taio Cruz's, Dynamite). One of his friends, Dad's did this and now Tanner thinks all parents should :-).

12. Tanner is an absolute joy. We are so lucky to have him as part of our family. As Brody says(on a daily basis), "Tanner is my best friend". He is everyones best friend.

Happy Birthday, Tanner. Thank you for being YOU! We love you!


Meridee said...

He is a mini you! I love it! Happy bday Tanner:)

katie said...

Happy Birthday Tanner! 12 - WOW! Time flies~

Annie said...

i still think you should get a vacation to utah for your birthday present. maybe next year! happy birthday tanner...late:)

Raejean said...

Your family is getting so mature!

Thanks for all the great posts; I listed your blog as one of my Most Inspirational Blogs of 2010.

Mamarazzi said...

wow...a Deacon, what a special birthday for your little man!