Monday, January 31, 2011

January by the numbers

I am kind of excited to have made it through the month of January! I am looking forward to a new month, a month filled with love and all things red,white and pink. This boy Mama will take any holiday that will allow her to decorate with some pink.

Here is our January by the numbers.
ZERO books completed. I am still trying to get through the SWEETNESS AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PIE. I must spend more time reading.

Two the number of wheels Brody rides on his bike.

THREE birthday cards created and delivered.

frustrating phone calls to Amazon. I still don't have the correct Project Life kit.

scrapbook pages completed.

NINE a. basketball games(3 for each of the 3 older boys so far this season).

NINE b. blog posts sums up our January.

TEN pm the average time I have been going to bed. This is a new chapter in my life.

TWELVE the number of candles on Tanner's birthday cake.

FOURTEEN Grandparents came to our "meet your granddaughter lunch" much fun.

FIFTEEN hours and workouts completed at Fitness MD(I started on the 10th)

SIXTEEN basketball practices attended by Tanner,Carter and Garrett.

TWENTY NINE.FIVE miles logged on my treadmill.

THIRTY ONE photos(I actually took way more) taken for Project Life 2011.

THREE HUNDRED ornaments taken off of the Christmas tree and packed away until next year. We didn't even put all of them on the tree this year.


Raejean said...

You're the second person who said they didn't put up all their Christmas decorations. I'm lucky that kids help me put them up, they even helped pack them away this year!

katie said...

10 p.m. is my new bedtime too. Poor Mike. Getting up at 6 doesn't seem so hard when I get to bed early. Great post.