Saturday, January 8, 2011

made with love

December was filled with awesome handmade goodness. I love thoughtful, personal gifts that were made and given with oooodles of love.

My friend, Brandi was busy making these cute camera straps. I was the lucky recipient of this one. What do you think? Does it scream, "Raimi"? I thought so :-). Thank you, Brandi!

When we were opening gifts at my Mom and Dad's house on Christmas, I opened this beautiful quilt. My Mom had attached a note telling me that this was the first quilt that she had started/finished that wasn't a baby blanket or one of the grand kid's denim quilts. Thank you, Mom! I love it!

My Mom was BUSY. She made the triplets (the 6 year old cousins) their denim quilts this year. She started a few years back, making the older grandkids theirs first. Their quilts have squares of denim from their Great Grandpa Shores old jeans. She even stitched Grandpa Shore on one of the squares. These quilts are something they will treasure forever!

John's sister decided that we would have what she called a frugal Christmas. Names were drawn and the rule was that your gift had to be homemade. You could spend up to $10.00 to buy your supplies. We found this super fun idea over on the eighteen25 those fun sisters. Those cute little snowmen are Garrett's fingers. He loved making his gift and was very excited to give it.

Did you make or receive anything handmade in December? If so, please share!


Raejean said...

The twins made us a couple of really cool candy jars from a flower pot and a glass bowl.

Mamarazzi said...

i love love love the little snowmen, so cute! i also love the quilts, so can actually see the love in the stitches!! oh and that camera strap DOES scream Raimi, love.

Brandigirl said...

I am so glad you love it

Michelle said...

I LOVE the camera strap. Does she sell them?