Wednesday, September 29, 2010

this boy

As crazy as he can make me on any given day with all of his mischief, he can also make me smile and giggle myself silly. On our way to Wal*Mart, he asked me if we were going to buy candy. I told him no, we were going to buy milk, yogurt and bread. He then said, "you forgot to say candy". I told him we weren't buying candy. He then said, "we can buy milk ,yogurt, bread AND candy. Is that a Deal"???. He then proceeded to tell me that I needed to say "deal". Oh, how the three year old mind works...and where in the world did he learn how to make a deal?
p.s. I love this little boy.


Meridee said...

What a sweetie. It sounds like he has learned John's sweet talking ways :)

Camie said...

A lawyer in the making! I think little Sam's mind works the same way - lol!

Morgan said...

Funny! Jonathan's is "how about?" He will start any sentence in which he wants something with it.