Thursday, September 30, 2010

September by the numbers

Here we are, another month down. It is officially Fall. We are wondering when it will actually feel like Fall??? Looking forward to cooler weather in the new month ahead.

ZERO more days of waiting for Green Tangerines to re-open. They're back in business!!!

ONE book read by John. This is a BIG deal. John thinks the last book he read(besides the Book of Mormon)from cover to cover was in high school. Tanner challenged John to read the Hunger Games and he did. He loved it and will be reading Catching Fire next.

TWO books read by me (Mocking Jay and The girl With The Dragon Tattoo).

THREE dice rolled for a couple of hours...GNO Bunko style.

FOUR scrapbook pages completed (Summer Moments, First Day of School,Third of July, and Our Soccer Super Star).

cards were created...all birthdays.

SIX the # of candles my niece, Sadie had on her birthday cake.

NINE blog posts.

FOURTEEN years of wedded bliss celebrated by J&R.

EIGHTEEN miles logged during the month for Tanner. Some miles were Cross Country training and others were from the actual meets.

TWENTY the day of the month in September that we were married on.

miles logged for me this month (mostly on my treadmill).

TWENTY FOUR hour beach trip (Dillon)with the youth from church. We packed a lot of fun in those 24 hours.

TWENTY FIVE soccer games were played by our boys(Tanner, Carter, and Garrett) in the month of September. I am thinking the term "Soccer Mom" is VERY fitting for my life at this moment.

THIRTY daily photos captured for another month of Project Life.

FOUR HUNDRED AND THIRTY THREE dollars saved when you have a hubby who can replace a your cars water pump. The dealership wanted $600.00.

FIVE HUNDRED minutes logged by Garrett for his daily reading goal.

Another action packed month for the Krupp Family. Can you believe we are only 2 1/2 months away from Christmas?


My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

I can believe it but so not ready for it.have to make it for 2 bdays before can get ready for christmas.

Raejean said...

I'm so excited that Christmas is coming! But first there are so many other things to be excited about like General Conference, Halloween and Thanksgiving!!!

katie said...

Your september sounds great! I love this list.