Saturday, November 21, 2009


Garrett's very 1st soccer season has come to an end. We enjoyed his last game & team party today. Garret had so much fun...he was all smiles on the field. He loved that he got to be on the same team of some of his very best friends. His coach was awesome & so good to the kids. Coach Andre stepped up & coached the boys when we were in need of a coach & he didn't even have a son/daughter on the team. Garrett loved playing for him. Along with their trophy's, coach Andre said something about each player & their ability on the field. He told Garrett that he was the MVP of the team & that he played hard.

Here is Garrett with coach Andre.

Garrett & his best buds.


Meridee said...

I think you've made a mistake. Garrett is only a baby. He couldn't possibly be old enough to be on a soccer team let alone have buddies. How time flies. It makes me sad.