Monday, November 23, 2009

bay area fun

With a week worth of vacation for the boys, we knew we had to head home for one of the days. Our first stop was Grandma & Grandpa Shores house. When we pulled up in front of their house today, a flood of memories filled my mind. One of my favorite memories was lunch at their house every Wednesday while attending college. I was lucky enough to attend college with my sister, Amber & my cousins, Kerstin & Mike. Every Wednesday, we would show up for lunch. A few of our friends started tagging along. They loved lunch at G&G's too & looked forward to it every Wednesday. Soon, it became lunch & a few card games with Grandma & Grandpa. Such good memories. In true Grandma style,the table was all set & ready for lunch. I was so glad that my boys got to spend some time with them & enjoy one of Grandma's yummy lunches. As the boys have gotten older & more involved in school & sports, it has made it hard to have spur of the moment visits.

Grandpa even pulled out his out Japanese riffle for the boys to look at. They thought it was so cool. John loved hearing about Grandpa's stories from WWII.

Grandma took the boys for a walk around the block, not once, but twice. One walk before lunch, one after. Another fond Grandma memory. We are so thankful for the time we were able to spend with them today. They really are one in a millions. The are kind & very generous to all those around them.

Next stop, one of our favorite parks in Los Gatos. It was a gorgeous Fall day. We couldn't pass up a trip to the park. John & I remember playing at this park when we were kids. The plane & fire truck are still there.

Next stop, Grandma Sandy & Grandpa Randy's house. My boys love to play at their house. They love seeing their cousins. We had an early turkey dinner with all the trimmings. This is our year to spend Thanksgiving with John's family. After dinner, we enjoyed FHE together. We had a Thanksgiving lesson. I passed out foam leaves to everyone & challenges them to write a note to another family member telling them why they are thankful for them. Then we enjoyed ice cream sundae's & more family time.

I love my family. They are at the top of my list when I count my blessings. Today was just one of those perfect days.


My 5 Monkeys(Julie) said...

I love that park you went with the family. I remember playing there as kid.

erin said...

Such nice memories. I love & treasure the memories I have of my grandparents doing fun things like this. I love the weekly lunch date tradition. How great!

Laurie said...

That is a cool park! My boys would be soooo jealous. (Dare I say Richard too? hehehe)

I am glad you live close enough to your family make such great memories!

katie said...

Such good the pictures!