Thursday, November 19, 2009

enjoying life

We have had a super fun, busy week at our house. We have enjoyed so many little things in our little world. The older boys continue to have soccer practice 4 nights a week. Scouts for both boys. Piano lessons for Tanner. You should hear him play Jingle Bells, it sounds like Jingle Bells...I love it!!! I helped in all 3 classrooms & enjoyed the art docent lesson with Tanner's class.
I was able to be Tanner's date for his Honor Roll dinner with his classmates last night. I am so proud of Tanner & another perfect semester under his belt. I think the favorite part of the evening for the entire class was the apple cider & being able to eat in the Teachers lounge :-).

I am really looking forward to date night with John. We are seeing the midnight showing of New Moon (tonight/this morning). I am thinking I need to squeeze a nap in at some point today :-).

Loved having this little Turkey greet me with his perfected "gobble gobble" at kindergarten pick up!
note to self: this is why you carry your camera at all times!

Keeping busy in the scrapbook layout arena too! Here are my latest two designs for GT. As aways, you can call(916-771-8010) Green Tangerines to purchase yours.

This weeks KOTW:

This weeks release for the 12 weeks of Christmas (Jan. pg.):


Stephanie said...

have FUN on your date tonight! I hope you got a little snooze this afternoon =) And, I loved Garrett's "Gobble, Gobble" too! So cute!

Laurie said...

How awesome is your Honors "banquet". That is great!

Have fun with John. I hope you got your nap.

Are you gearing up for Black Friday??