Monday, October 15, 2007

Student of the week

Tanner brought a blank bulletin board home on Friday. The instructions on the back told us to fill the board with things that would allow his classmates to get to know him better. This is part of his job as being student of the week. When you are student of the week you get to be first in line all week and you get to sit in the bean bag chair whenever you want. These are just a few of the fun things he'll enjoy this week. Tanner is thrilled that it is FINALLY his turn. On Tanner's board, we included: pictures of Tanner on a dirt bike, Tanner & his best friend J, Tanner & our family, a picture of Tanner from Scouts, Tanner & his three brothers, Tanner playing soccer, we cut out the word BLUE for Tanner's favorite color, there is a picture of Tanner & his teacher(for his love of school), there is a picture of penguins, there is a picture of Tanner picking up his copy of the last Harry Potter book (to show his love for reading), & of course we added a Pok-e-Mon card. We could have included many more things but we ran out of room on the bulletin board. We will be making cookies tonight. He gets to share them with his class tomorrow. He was one happy & proud boy when he left for school today!


katie said...

So great. Tanner looks very proud. He's a great kid.

Anonymous said...

Amazing to see how fast he is growing up. He is probably the happiest kid on the block. I love to see pictures of our children showing how awesome they are doing and how much they love school. I wish we did have a bigger board to post all the things he is doing. I am so proud of you Tanner and love to see you grow up everyday. love Dad