Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Scrimps & Splurges!

I have seen this on a few blogs out there & thought it was fun!
If you're reading this, you have been tagged to share your Scrimps
& Splurges.

Things I SPLURGE on:

Pedicures: I Loved getting pedicures when I was pregnant because I couldn't reach my own feet. Now I love getting them just because!

Bath & Body soaps: I love the Fresh Pineapple & Kitchen Lemon scents. I love having them in every room that has a sink! My boys love the Blueberry foam soap in their bathroom! It makes washing your hands fun to do!

Scrapbook Supplies: This is why I still have a job in this industry, need I say more??

Photos: You know you develop too many photos when the girls @ the counter know you by name & have your envelope ready for you when they see you coming!

iTunes & CD's: I love music & the emotions/ memories that I have when listening to various artists/songs.

Ornaments: Now that all of the Christmas decorations are hitting the stores, I am in heaven. I have an obsession with Christmas ornaments. I really wish I could say that I buy ONE new ornament a year. Truth is, I buy several.

Books: I don't like to wait to check out a book from the Library. I love to flip thru the pages of a brand new book. I do like to share & loan my books out to friends & family so I might be helping someone else to Scrimp in this area :).

Things I SCRIMP on:

Haircuts/color: I have a hard time paying $45.00 plus a tip to get my hair done. I won't even go into the cost of getting my hair colored. So, my color comes out of a box from Target.

Haircuts for the boys: With four boys, John & I are learning how to cut their hair. It will sure save us money thru the years.

Greeting Cards: I refuse to buy/pay for a greeting card. This is where my splurge on scrapbook supplies comes in handy! I can make my own.

Make Up: Since I don't wear very much make up, I buy the basics @ Target.

Clothes: I don't know if this counts as scrimping, but I love to find deals on clothes for myself & the boys! I used to hit the sale rack @ Baby Gap once a week when Tanner & Carter were babies & scored some major deals. Now I just don't have the time once a week to do that.

I am sure I will think of more. If I do, I will add to this post later!
Have a fun day!


Annie said...

Amen to te pedicures! I LOVE them! And clothes, what's the point, a t-shirt is a t-shirt no matter what the label says. No one can see the label anyway! Great list!