Monday, October 22, 2007

Rock Star??? and Weekend Update!

Carter was on the family room floor with Brody and I heard him say "Brody, you need to put your Rock Star glasses on". I go to check on them and this is what I find! We are wondering which Rock Star Carter has been listening to??? Carter cracks us up! He is so tender with Brody and is always trying to entertain him (see above pictures). I am so thankful that my boys love each other.
My birthday weekend was fabulous. Thank you for the birthday wishes and kind gestures. My parents came up on Saturday and watched the boys soccer games. Tanner and Carter's teams both won. They are still both undefeated and loving it. Carter scored one goal and Tanner scored two with several assists. Then my Mom and Dad took me shopping and I got to pick out my birthday present. Thanks Mom and Dad, I love my new sweater and matching necklace. I can't wait to wear them! We got home and John and the boys had been out shopping. They had a cake with candles and presents ready for me. They sang happy birthday to me with the cha-cha-cha's and all. It was very sweet. We had a great weekend. I love birthdays! Thanks everyone!


katie said...

I love birthdays too and am glad that you had a good one. I'll have to introduce you to half-birthdays. Another day to celebrate!