Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Break - part 3

The boys were so looking forward to this day...the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. So much to do, so many rides to ride and so much to see...always good people watching on the Boardwalk, too.

While standing in line to purchase wrist bands, I ran into my sweet friend Marisa. She lives in Roseville, too. We have been meaning to get together for lunch(it hasn't happened yet) and we joked that we had to go all the way to Santa Cruz just to see each other.

Amber and her boys met us in the afternoon! It was so much fun to hang out and visit with them.

 This was one of my favorite moments of our day! Brody had agreed to ride the Double Shot with the big boys. This ride shoots you straight to the top(25 ft. up) and drops you like a bouncy ball until you get back to the bottom. Once Brody sat down to be strapped into the ride, he got scared. I could even see the tears welling up in his baby blues. I asked him if he wanted to get off and he said no. He looked terrified and other by standers were catching on. They began to cheer him on and give him words of encouragement. When the ride was over, everyone was clapping and telling him that he did great. Lets just say that this one the only ride that he did not ask to ride again!

The boys are making plans to head back to the Boardwalk this Summer...hopefully with their cousins in tow!