Monday, April 14, 2014

Spring Break - part 2

Our Spring Break vacation has officially begun. We headed out bright and early and made our to Monterey. Our first stop was the Monterey Bay Aquarium. We were all super excited but Brody was over the top excited. This would be his very visit to the aquarium.

There were lots of fun amazing things to see and experience. I think we all agreed that the octopus was the coolest thing we saw all day. It was awake and moving all over the tank. We got to see it up close and personal. Our 2nd favorite event of the day was sitting in front of the big tank with all sorts of sea life swimming right in front of us. We had just enjoyed a presentation about the ocean and sea life. They mentioned how fast the tuna swims. While we were sitting there, watching all of the different kinds of fish and sharks, the tuna put on a show and zipped right across the tank, showing us just how fast they really are. It was very cool.

After the Aquarium, we headed over to the Denis the Menace Park and had a Taco Bell picnic lunch! This park was amazing. So many cool things to do and play on.

After our time in Monterey, we headed for our campground. Our littles have been begging to go camping. Sunset  State Beach was a first for us. We loved our campsite, so much room to play and it was beautiful!
Our home away from home!

That evening, we walked over to the beach. It was just 5 minutes from our campground. We had the beach to ourselves. The boys loved finding shells and sand dollars.

The wind really kicked up at night. It made it cold. We had a fire and s' favorite part of camping.

 With the chill in the air, everyone was anxious to crawl into their sleeping bags. We laughed and giggled until everyone begin to fall asleep, one by one. Super fun day! We are very thankful for the family time we are able to enjoy.