Sunday, April 13, 2014

Spring Break- Part 1

So the younger boys have already been on Spring Break for 1 week. Tanner had seminary and school during their first week off. The littles patiently waited for Tanner to get out of school so the real fun could begin. Even though the littles had 2 weeks off for break, they would tell you that the "REAL" fun started this week.

We kicked off the fun by celebrating John's 46th birthday. The boys were super excited for him to open his gifts and the cards that they had created for him.


We are so thankful for this guy and his 46 years of life. So thankful that we get to call him ours. He is a wonderful husband and father. He is kind. He is talented. He is smart. He can fix just about anything. He is all about basketball(just finished up March Madness and Hot Shots). He lives to watch his boys play/excel and their activities/sports. He loves to coach the boy's various sports teams.  He works so hard to allow me to continue to  stay at home with the boys each day and for that I am so thankful! We wish him nothing but love and extreme happiness for his 46th year of life. Happy Birthday, John boy!

After presents and birthday cinnamon rolls, we hopped in the car and headed out on our adventure. Our first stop, Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Randy's house. We got to see my siblings and all of the cousins. They boys loved playing with all of their favorite cousins. While we were there, we took a drive and did a lot of "remembering when" and were amazed that San Jose still continues to grow and change! We spent the night at my parents so we could head out bright and early and begin our Spring break adventure.