Saturday, July 27, 2013

Tyson and Gina

My baby brother did it! He tied the knot! We attended the wedding of the Summer this past weekend and had a blast.
My brother looked so handsome and was unbelievably calm. I truly believe when you have found the one, your true love...your heart just knows it. Uncle Tyson wanted all of the nephews to be a part of his special day. Grandma Sandy and Grandpa Randy purchased purple Vans and purple bow ties for all of the boys to wear. They looked awesome and felt so LOVED to be so included in their big day.

The venue and the view were amazing! The Gustavson's home/yard overlooks the Bay Area. On a clear day, you can see San Francisco.  Lots of photos were snapped and here are just  a few of my favorites !

The boys had a blast dancing the night away! I have decided we need more dance parties!


The Shore cousins! So thankful for those cousins who chose to come and show their love for Tyson and Gina! It meant the world to them and to our entire family!

Love this photo that I snapped of my parents! My Mom worked so hard on the wedding. All of the Sandy touches were wonderful!

The beautiful bride and groom. They looked wonderful and so happy!
So very Tyson and so very, Gina!

Another shot of the cousins! They so love being together. I love this shot for many reasons but I love how both, Garrett and Brody's arms are wrapped around their oldest cousin, Malakai!
My brother Brandon and I. He gave a great toast!

My siblings and the happy bride and groom. We are all so happy for Tyson and Gina!
Their get away car. Super fun tradition. Uncle Rick has driven the Davis kids and spouses away from their reception in his 1949 Woody!
Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Tyson Davis!