Friday, September 20, 2013

17 years... and counting

I am pretty sure I have my happily ever after. No, I DO NOT live in la-la land.  I am fully aware that marriage, like life, is filled with the ups and downs, curve balls, happy and sads, love and  joy! Our marriage is not perfect but we try and are constantly working at it. We know how to laugh. We know how and when to pitch in and help. We have learned when to say we are sorry. We 
have learned how to forgive and move on. I am beyond thankful for our marriage and for the life we have created.

To mark our 17th year, we went to dinner at Pluto's. I love the salads and John  loves the draft root beer and sandwiches. After dinner, we did some shopping. I scored a new pair of Saucony running shoes and John scored some new shorts...happy anniversary to each other. We love those type of gifts, the ones we pick out and get to try on  before leaving the store :).  To end our evening, we went and saw The Butler. We hit the last showing and were 1 of the 3 couples in the theater. The Butler is a must see movie, if you haven't seem it yet.

Looking forward to the next 17 (plus) eternity years that we have to spend together!