Sunday, June 30, 2013

June 2013

I have given up on the thought of updating our lives, in detail since May. The best I can do is highlight our months! June was a busy month, with with lots of milestones and memories for all.

 Garrett's team made it to the AAA Fun fest championship game. they did not win but the ride was still FUN and let them play some extra games. He was on a great team with awesome coaches.

 Brody finished his 1st t-ball season. He had a blast and made new friends.

 Our little league season ended with a movie night on field 4. We watched Sand Lot under the stars.

 Tanner headed out with the  Scouts for a week long trip. They kayaked down the Trinity River.

 Brody enjoyed his very first swim lessons. He is now a Marlin!

 Garrett turned 9 on June 11th. He was showered with fun presents and a day all about him!

 We headed down the the Bay Area to celebrate my cousin, Kerstin's 40th birthday! I swear we are still 18 and going to college together.

 Father's Day! We are so lucky to have this guy in our lives. He is our EVERYTHING!!!

 The annual ALL STAR hair dying party. Carter is blond again!

 Garrett gets his braces off. His dentist sent him home with a bag of treats that he had to avoid while wearing his braces.

End of the year teacher gifts. We love our teachers.

 Tanner received some awards at a school awards night(straight A's, PE, and WEBB). It was a by invitation event.

 Last days of kindergarten! They enjoyed a picnic in the park. Brody made some new, fun friends this year!

 Tanner graduates from middle school.We are SO proud of him. He worked hard, took advanced math and English classes and even pulled straight A's his entire 8th grade year.

Garrett and friends from his class, on the last day of school. He had an awesome 3rd grade year. Huge strides for this boy! 

It was a month filled with plenty of events/activities and we wouldn't have it an other way. 
Okay, who am I kidding? I would have loved a nap...or two !