Sunday, March 17, 2013

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's day isn't really holiday that we celebrate or go all out for at our house. I have had to set SOME boundaries! There weren't any leprechaun traps made/set this year. The boys did not wake up to green milk or toilet water. The furniture and sofa pillows were all in tack when they woke up. They did not find pots of gold at the end of any rainbow. They did find an economy box of Lucky Charms to enjoy.

I did find this cute idea for anti pinch polish over on the eighteen25 blog and purchased some green nail polish and delivered a few to family and friends. I painted my nails before church and threw on a green cardigan. Brody was so upset that I would not let him wear his Old Navy 2013 green St. Patrick's Day t-shirt to church so I told him I would paint his nails green too. He loved the idea and we matched. He is 5 and care free!

 Besides it  being St. Patrick's day, it was a very special day for Carter. When the boys in our church turn 12 years old, they receive the Aaronic Priesthood. It is a big deal and big responsibility for these boys. Carter was thrilled to have Grandpa Randy(my Mom was in Utah for her brothers surgery), Uncle Tyson and soon to be Aunt Gina there for his big day! We are glad they could be there for Carter.

Life is moving right on by! I am seriously trying not to blink. I am afraid I will miss something!