Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Living in the 1800's

Garrett and I went on a fun field trip to the Bernhard Museum in Auburn, CA.It is a piece of property that that county was able to purchased after it sat vacant for many years. It is such an awesome piece of history pertaining to the Gold Rush years in California . You are asked to come dressed as if you were living in the 1800's. You are asked to bring your lunch in a basket, pail. etc... They like to keep it real and have you experience life on the farm. During their time there, the children got to make crafts that children in the 1800's would have enjoyed. They made their own biscuits and butter. They work with leather. They played marbles. They tilled the garden. They washed  laundry by hand and they got to make their own little crate to take home! It was a fun day, filled with learning and fun experiences. At the end of the day, Garrett and I both agreed that we are thankful for the modern day luxuries that we get to enjoy!

 I am pretty sure Garrett's favorite part of the day was the bottle of Root Beer I packed in his lunch. Keeping it real...no boxed juice or plastic water bottles in the 1800's.