Monday, March 11, 2013


It is so hard to believe that this sweet little guy/baby is 12 years old today.
Happy Birthday to our sweet, Car-Car!

He was up,dressed and ready for his special day by the time I got home from the gym(I attend the 5 am class). He woke up to his bedroom door wrapped and covered in birthday treats. John had already purchased his birthday donuts for the family to enjoy. He was patiently trying to to wait for me to get home so he could open his presents.

This is Carter opening the gift from GranRanSan(my parents-Randy and Sandy), he can already see what it is and he is one happy boy! It is a new 49ers hat. He was on cloud 9.
 Here he is opening one of the gifts from us. He is in shock because it is the baseball glove that he has been wanting/asking for. He had to start baseball practices without it because he didn't know he was getting it for his birthday!

 I love this photo! Brody had been busy creating presents for Carter. He he had even wrapped them all by himself. He had them placed on the kitchen counter with all of Carter's other gifts that had been arriving in the mail prior to his birthday.Carter opened up 2 pieces of birthday art from Brody! Carter made such a BIG deal about each gift. He ran right to his room to hang them on his bulletin board next to all of the other items Carter sees as important in his life(All Star photos, report cards, etc...).  It was very sweet.

 The birthday door. This is a fun idea that I got from my friend, Brenda! It is now a tradition that the boys looks forward to each year! We pick up a few of their favorite things and attach them to their bedroom door. A few of Carter's current favorites are : Licorice, sunflower seeds, Mio, gum, etc...

 I always feel bad about having to send them to school on their birthdays. I guess it is real life training though, right? We usually have to work on our birthdays in our adult years. John and I surprised him with lunch(Taco Bell) at school. He had baseball practice after school so I made his favorite chocolate crackle cookies to share with the team. He had Costa Vida for dinner, the birthday boys pick. We ended his day with cake, ice cream and really bad, obnoxious Happy Birthday singing  to this cute 12 year old! Happy Birthday, Carter!


Juan Cosme said...

That's pretty sweet, amazing temple picture, mormon all the way! haha