Tuesday, February 5, 2013

right now

I saw this blog post idea on Sarah Champion's blog. I don't personally know her but I love reading her blog.

In the theme of right now, this photo was literally taken right now! I never got around to curling my hair or putting my make up on today!  This is real life! This is MY life. This is right now!

DIGGING: My clean kitchen. I worked hard today.

DRINKING: Blackberry Apple Sparkling Water that was frozen. YUM!

EATING: Chocolate Chip/Oatmeal Cookie dough! What can I say? The boys twisted my arm and we are baking cookies

LISTENING: To the dryer. I am on my 4th and final load of laundry for the day! YAY!

WEARING: American Rag jeans, Soffe long sleeved shirt and slippers from Old Navy.

READING: Drawing Closer to God by Henry B. Eyring.

FEELING: Content! The little boys are playing the back yard. Tanner is playing football with friends down at the park. Carter  is doing homework on the laptop and John is almost done with work and will be home in a little bit.

WEATHER: Sunshine with a slight breeze. Gotta love the Cali sunshine in the winter months.

WANTING: To exercise. I am having a foot issue and am trying to stay off of it for a day or two to see if it helps and gets better.

NEEDING: A free day :-).

WISHING: I didn't love those Chocolate Chip Cookies so much !

THINKING: About what I should make for dinner. I have some chicken ready to go but I am not sure what I want to do with it!

ENJOYING: My life. My family. My boys. My friends. Friends who are willing to serve and help friends out when needed. Kind people. Honest people. My home. 

Let me know if you play along. This was such an easy, simple blog post. A fun way to record your life, right now!


katie said...

Great post....I played. It's been a long time since I've done a post like this. Thanks Raimi!