Thursday, January 31, 2013

By the Numbers - January 2013

Here we are, one month down in the New Year! Time is flying by! We enjoyed so many fun things this month!

ZERO a. - books read/finished. I am half way through one that will count in February By the Numbers.

ZERO b. - scrapbook layouts created. I think this is a first in many, many years.

ONE - the number of movies we saw in the theatre. We saw The Jack Reacher movie. I liked it. I have read some of the Lee Child books and thought they did a great job.

TWO - year anniversary at Fitness MD for me! I am so happy that I have stuck with it and that it is a part of my daily routine.

THREE - the number of days I was down and out with the nasty flu bug. Not how I wanted to start my New Year off. I even missed the gym during those 3 know it was bad!

FOUR - all 4 of our boys are playing basketball this season. Lots of practices and lots of games!

FIVE - new songs purchased from itunes. Loving Ben Taylor...By Your Side, I try, Not Alone

NINE - blog posts for the month of January.

TEN -  handwritten notes were sent by me(New year goal to write more snail mail)

TWELVE -  friends play football at the park for hours on end.  Tanner organized a big football game. He even called them all the night before to make sure they were coming. I  Love that boys have a great group of friends in the neighborhood.

FOURTEEN - candles on Tanner's birthday cake this year. 14 candles!!!! Time is flying by!

EIGHTEEN -  (out of 20) basketball games were won by the boys!

TWENTY -  basketball games played between the 4 boys.

THIRTY ONE - days of my 2013 Project Life have been completed.

ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY EIGHT miles were logged this month

TWO HUNDRED AND SIXTY FOUR - ornaments taken off of our tree this year! It is all packed up and put away. The house feels so naked and bare.