Thursday, January 24, 2013

Who's Who?

We had our 1st Relief Society Activity of the New Year.  Heidi, Toni and their committee did a fantastic job. Our Presidency wanted to kick the year off with an activity where we could get to know the sisters better. I had  previously served in the YW's program for the last 3.5 years. In that time, our ward has changed so much, lots of wonderful new families have moved in. My two counselors and secretary are fairly new members of our ward. We wanted a chance to get to know the sisters better and that is just what we did. It was our Who's Who activity. Each Sister was asked to bring 1-2 items that they could share that would help us to get to know them better. When we arrived, we got a name tag, with a cute owl on it. On the bottom corner of the name tag was a number. That number told us what order we would be sharing information about our selves.  After we shared our item(s), Heidi pulled a random question out a bowl that we each had to answer.Some wore their items, some literally  boarded right off of the mountain and came to our activity with their snowboards in tow. Others read a book that they created and wrote, another brought a magazine cover that she and her family were the featured cover story. There were running shoes, books, beautiful photos, and scrapbooks. Again, it was so much fun!  I'll I have to say is "WOW!" What an amazing group of talented women we have in our ward. I left that activity feeling like I knew each one of them better. It was such a great evening!


Aud's Space said...

Great Captures! This evening was so great! I almost didn't make it due to feeling sick. I would have missed out. Cute blog you have going.~