Wednesday, February 27, 2013

February in Review

The weeks and months are flying by. So much so, that I didn't blog much during the month of February.
Here is a little recap of our month, in no particular order.

Brody and friends celebrated the 100th day of  kindergarten. He came home sporting this headband.

Our San Francisco 49ers made it to the Superbowl. They lost. My boys were bummed. This photo was taken before the game started so there were still happy smiles.

The boys Kaepernick-ing it! This was right after the quarter back(Kaepernick) scored a touch down. Our boys are so funny!

We have attended ALOT of basketball games this month. All 4 boys played Hot Shots this season! They all had amazing seasons!

What do you do on Valentine's Day when you have a fever and don't feel well? You eat donuts in the bath tub with your brother, of course!!! Poor Brody had a  high fever and a horrible  cough. He had to miss his Valentine party at school and was so bummed about it!
 Valentine's party for the 3rd graders. I am the Room Mom in Garrett's classroom this year. We decorated cupcakes, played pin the heart on the giraffes, made Valentine cards and enjoyed a LOVE themed word search.

I love this photo of John, Carter and some of his Tar Heel players. John loves coaching basketball. He sure enjoyed  his team this season. They were undefeated and won the play off game for the title. SO MUCH FUN!

Can't let February pass by without mentioning Girl Scout Cookies. We bought some of our favorites from our friend/neighbor Susie! I love that she came to our door to sell them! Not to mention that I love her receipt and thank you note that we receive each year with our order. So cute!!

The boys started receiving happy mail from their Great Grandma Shore this month. She was calling it the Mercury draw. She decided to cancel her subscription to her local newspaper, the San Jose Mercury News. Hence the Mercury draw title. She put all of her Great Grand kids names into a drawing and is randomly sending them a note with $10.00. She has divided the money she would have spent on the  subscription and sharing it with the Great Grand kids. She is so fun, loving  and kind. We LOVE her!

Carter received his his 2nd class rank at the Court of Honor this month!

We are still working on our bedroom make over. It has been  such a S-L-O-W process. Things like time, $ and finding the right pieces/accents have played a little part in the slowness.  Despite the slowness, I am loving how it is coming together!

Ahhhhh! I love February for the simple fact that it is Valentine's Day. I love the colors. I love the crafting and baking that accompanies it! I love the extra chance I have to tell and show the ones I love just how much I really do love them! I made John this heart attack jar. It was filled with his favorite dark chocolate See's candy and little hearts that had notes/phrases attached to them.

This is one of the little details I worked on for Garrett's class party! I found these fun black and white paper straws. I used my favorite heart punch and attached them to the straws. Made there water bottles a little more fun and festive.

I decorated these fun little fry boxes that I found online. I filled them with a Strawberry Muddy Buddy type treat(recipe coming soon). We shared them with the boys teachers and friends. Fun, festive and yummy!

Time  is flying by! We attended some orientation and registration nights at the high school for Tanner! CRAZY!!! Our first born will be heading to high school in the next few months! Still trying to wrap my brain around it!

Garrett earned his Wolf badge at the Blue and Gold dinner this month. John is still the Cub Master and had a Survivor theme for this months Blue and Gold dinner! The boys had a blast completing Survivor type activities. FUN!

I enjoyed a super fun weekend at the beach with girlfriends!This weekend was at the end of Feb./ beginning of March. I will have create a separate post about it!

I am sure that I am forgetting a few things.Our 2013 is off to a great start. We are happy, healthy(for the most part) and are enjoying the many blessings in our life. 


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