Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Moms Gone Tired 2012

Our annual scrapbook weekend was given an official name/title this year by Denise. Moms Gone Tired. If you know Denise, you know that she is all about the nick names/titles :-). We had 8 of us on the trip this year. We missed Michelle. She is expecting Baby #5 and wasn't feeling up to the weekend. Hopefully she will make it next year with that new baby in tow...Michelle :-)???

It was a gorgeous weekend at Dillon Beach! Here are a few of the highlights.

Our beach house.
There was a last minute switch of houses. Denise did a great job picking a new house on the fly. This house had a ton of windows which made fro great lighting.

Scrapbooking. The main reason this specific get away was organized. We haul our tables and chairs and move the furniture when we get there. We had lots of space this year and spent hours creating.

The view.
Absolutely amazing! Debby and I had gone out on a walk an hour before sunset. One of the guys working on the house next door told us to make sure we watched for the Green Flash when the sun set that evening. We quickly did a power walk so we could make it back in time for the Green Flash. We grabbed the other girls and headed out the door. Eve was convinced it was a hoax :-). she thought that same guy was the green Flash and was going to drop his drawers and show us his green underwear -ha! We lined up on the curb and watched to sun set. There was not a Green Flash of any type but the view was amazing.

Gift Exchange
. One of our yearly traditions is to bring a little gift for each friend. It can be ANYTHING! Your favorite candy. Lotion. Scrapbooking goodies...whatever! I made a CD of every ones favorite songs and Pretzel Hugs. I used my friend Brandi's/Pinterst idea for my wrapping this year :-).

Movies and Music.
The house that we rented had a projection TV. It was awesome! We watched a ton of movies. We scored the jackpot when we realized that someone had left their Adele LIVE DVD. It was amazing. We watched and sang along as we scrapped.

It wouldn't be a complete beach trip with these girlfriends without a little photo shoot before heading home. I am so thankful for a wonderful circle of friends. We talked about how we all come from different walks of life(families, religion, experiences, etc...) and how fun it is to be together. We have some amazing, heart to heart, and hilarious conversations. I am already looking forward to next year.


Anonymous said...

Our beach weekends make me so happy! I'm so glad I get to see you every year! You make me smile! And THANK YOU for always taking pictures! I always bring my camera, then never take pictures. Next year I'm just gonna leave it at home.

mer said...

so cute! glad you enjoyed your getaway... although where's the teeth photo?! :) haha! love you beautiful friend!!!

Toni G. said...

You look great Raimi!