Saturday, March 31, 2012

March by the Numbers

Another memorable month...filled with family, friends and memories.
ZERO books were read. AARRGGHHH. I am struggling with this one...I love to read but don't have the time.
ONE Dr.'s appt. for Tanner...we are starting to see the light at the end of this tunnel.
TWO the number times Tanner has seen the Hunger far!
FOUR days were spent at Dillon was awesome!
THREE of our boys make the Select(A)Soccer teams.
FIVE blog posts recorded for March.
SIX baseball games were played.
SEVEN miles were run(by me) with out stopping...1st time EVER.
EIGHT girlfriends get together and enjoy a weekend at the beach.
ELEVEN candles on Carter's birthday cake this year.
TWELVE/midnight the time John, Tanner, Carter and friends saw the Hunger Games.
EIGHTEEN scrapbook pages were created(loved my time at the beach).
TWENTY ONE days of the Cardio Blaster class were attended.
THIRTY Fit Club classes were attended(some double days in there).
ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN miles were run/walked.
ONE HUNDRED AND THIRTY ONE Mothers' Day cards are being prepped/made(For the YW camp fundraiser).