Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I took Tanner to his monthly(actually it is every 3 weeks) appointment with Dr. F.. Tanner gets his hopes up before each and every appointment, hoping that it will FINALLY be the day that the cast comes off for good. He has had it taken off, just for x-rays and then a new one is put right back on. On the way over to his appointment, I was trying to keep the mood light, not knowing whether the cast would be coming off for good or not. I encouraged Tanner to pick a new cast color, one he hadn't had before. The nurse cut the cast off for him and sent us down for x-rays.

When Dr. F. walked into the room, he put the new x-rays up to the light and said "good news!" I have never seen Tanner perk up so fast. Dr. F let us know that the small bone(Tibia) was completely healed and that the big bone(Fibula)was well on it's way to being totally healed. He then told Tanner that he would not be putting a cast back on. Instead, we were to go next door to be fitted for a walking boot. HOORAY!!!!!!! The 1st ting tanner mentioned was taking a shower again. Lets just say that we didn't see him for 45 minutes once we got home :-).