Tuesday, January 31, 2012

January 2012 by the numbers

We had an eventful start to our New year. Nothing like a trip( a full day spent)to the ER :-). We are adjusting to life with Tanner in a full leg cast. Our errands, getting him to school and anything else that requires transporting him,takes a little bit longer to do :-). He has been a trooper.

Here we go. Our month by the numbers.
ONE book read (Worth Dying For by Lee Child)
TWO a. broken bones for Tanner(the Fibula and the Tibia-OUCH).
TWO b. date nights for John and I.
THREE Dr. appts. to the orthopedic surgeon for Tanner.
SIX scrapbook layouts created.
TWELVE basketball games attended/played by Carter, Garrett and Brody.
THIRTEEN candles on Tanner's birthday cake.
FOURTEEN new songs downloaded from itunes( the new Tim McGraw, Emotional Traffic album-LOVE it. I also bought the Jesse J. Domino song)!
SEVENTEEN days of the Cardio Blaster class were attended by my. This is a new class for me!
TWENTY SIX days of Fit Club classes were attended.
ONE HUNDRED,Fourteen miles were logged(lots of running and a little bit of walking).


marie said...

A teenager and some broken bones? I have yet to experience either but am looking forward to the teen years. Hopefully I'll be spared the broken bones.