Saturday, February 4, 2012

sneaky friends

My friend Amanda and I have been talking about treating ourselves to a pedicure and dinner at Pluto's. Amanda and I workout every morning together & thought we would do this for every 5-10 lbs. that we lost. Well, we have been talking about this since the early Fall(2011) and have lost (several) 10 lbs. (over& over since then). We finally narrowed down a day and time to treat ourselves. Amanda picked me up and we headed to Island Nails. We enjoyed fabulous pedicures. You know the ones...where they dip your feet in the paraffin wax and rub hot rocks on your legs. It was heavenly!

After an hour of getting our feet pampered, we headed to Pluto's for dinner. Amanda and I walked into Pluto's and got into line to order our salads. As soon as we stood in line, I heard lots of clapping and cheering. I turned towards the dining area to see what all the commotion was about and started to recognize lots of familiar faces...sweet faces of some of my very favorite people in the world. It took a minute for me to register what was going on. My friends had been a little sneaky and had gathered together to help me celebrate my weight loss. It was such a BIG surprise and sooooooo unexpected. They had beautiful flowers and colorful balloons waiting for me. I received hugs from each and every one of them with lots of congratulations. I totally lost it and started to cry.

I was so overwhelmed(in a good way) and floored that they were able to pull this surprise off. After the hugs, they had me sit down and open a fun basket of goodies. This basket was filled with exercise items. There was a new water bottle, new sweat towels, rubber bands for my hair, Fiber One bars, Vitamin Water, a bunch of bananas, and a Fitness MD tank top with a note from the Fitness MD crew. It was so thoughtful and so much fun to open. Then they had me open the card. There was a HUGE list of names of friends who had contributed. Inside that card were two, $100 Visa cards with a note that read: "this is to buy some new, girly clothes for yourself." Oh my goodness! How fun is that?

I felt so loved and spoiled. I am very thankful for each one of those girlfriends. They have cheered me on from day one and helped me believe that I could do it and succeed! I feel very blessed to be surrounded by such amazing ladies who have BIG hearts. I am VERY lucky to call each one of them MY friend...sneaky or not :-)!


marie said...

Love it, you have great friends, and congrats on living a healthy life.

katie said...

I love your friends, and I don't even know them! Sounds perfect!

Stephanie said...

Glad to be there for your very deserving surprise!! love you!

Courtney Jo said...

You deserve it! What fun friends. Way to go on reaching your 100 goal! Hope I get to see you when you are down in San Jose!