Monday, January 2, 2012

The not so very good start to our 2012

Our 2012 did not start off as we had hoped or planned. Around 10 am this morning,I sent the boys off with our friends, the Harris' to hit the local skate park. At about 10:45 am I got a call from my friend Sarah telling me that she had just called an ambulance for Tanner. Mind you, I could hear him screaming and crying in the back ground. Long story short, Tanner was skateboarding down a hill. He decided to do it Goofy footed, not his strong foot. He felt like he was going to fall and ended up breaking his left leg in two places while trying to prevent that fall. He was rushed to our local hospital by ambulance. I met him there as they were unloading him. He was hysterical and kept asking me if he could have another hug. It broke my heart to see him like so much pain.

They finally got him on some heavy medication for the pain. The specialist came in to talk to us to let us know that they were taking him in for surgery. At that point, we weren't sure if they were going to pin his bones or not. I am happy to report that they were able to fuse the bones without having to cut into his skin. Tanner broke the Tibia bone and the Fibula bone(big and little bones). He is in a cast from his toes to high thigh. His leg has to be elevated at all times and he can't put any pressure on that leg. We have ordered a wheelchair and he is learning how to navigate with crutches.

For a boy who is very active and loves to go-go-go, this is going to be a very long recovery! He is looking at about 3 months of casts, if all heals correctly. I think the biggest bummer for Tanner is that his 13th birthday is tomorrow and he will be missing the 2012 Hot Shots basketball season!

I am very grateful for my friend Stephanie who was so willing to watch my little boys on such short notice. I am grateful for her hubby, Gerald who works at the hospital.He checked in with us and he and John were able to give Tanner a blessing. At the end of a very long day, I was very thankful for wonderful friends and a great hospital staff who made our day/stay as comfortable as it possibly could have been. Wishing Tanner a very speedy recovery!