Tuesday, August 9, 2011

first time memories

Feeling a little weepy and sad this week. My family(parents,siblings,aunts,uncles, cousins,Grandma,nieces, nephews...the whole family) members are all headed to Hat Creek. It is the first family camping trip since Grandpa Shore passed away. Hat Creek was his favorite place to camp and fish. As I have read and seen my cousins FB statuses/updates/pictures from Hat Creek, I am feeling a little sad. Sad, that I took the responsible parent route this week. School starts tomorrow and I didn't feel like the boys could miss the first day/week of school. I know we are missing out on a great camping trip. After creating this layout for this weeks Kit of The Week for Green Tangerines, I am feeling a bit happier. I am remembering the fun memories I have of my Grandpa. These photos are of Garrett and my Grandparents, Aunt and cousin. We drove down to the Bay Area when he was just a week old so he could meet Grandpa and Grandma Shore. I am so glad I have these photos and I am even happier that they have now been scrapbooked.