Wednesday, August 31, 2011

August by the Numbers

Another month down. Another month filled with life and much to be grateful for.

ONE book read (Fly Me Home - Jennifer Weiner)

TWO A. new albums purchased (Colbie Caillat and Marie Digby)

TWO B. concerts attended (Huey Lewis and the News and Sugarland)

THREE Back to School nights attended.

SIX sweet friends celebrate their birthdays. Lots to celebrate.

SEVEN A. layouts created.

SEVEN B. blog posts recorded.

FOURTEEN soccer games played(Tanner and Carter).

FIFTEEN days into the new school year.

TWENTY seconds shaved off of my timed 1.5 mile run at Fitness MD.

TWENTY TWO Fit Club classes attended(I only missed one) at Fitness MD.

SIXTY ONE.TWENTY FIVE miles walked/jogged this month.


katie said...

I can't believe it's September! Love this post. Congrats on ALL of your exercising!